Transparency Statement

Warm Blessings is a registered 501(c)3 and is identified as a public charity and a tax-exempt nonprofit organization by the United States and Commonwealth of Kentucky governments.  Our EIN is 81-0677279 and all donations to Warm Blessings are tax deductible.  Our most recent 990’s are public record and you may find them below, along with our IRS determination letter and letter of good standing with the Kentucky Attorney General.

The Board of Directors and staff at Warm Blessings are committed to transparency and the Executive Director is available to answer any questions regarding our financial policies.  Please contact her directly at with any inquiries. 

As a responsible organization, we aim for the highest integrity and commit to best practices in accountability so you can be assured that your donation or grant award will make the most impact possible. As of October 2020, some of the practices we have in place to ensure this outcome are:

  • Monthly financial status reports prepared by our CPA firm, reviewed by our Board Treasurer and presented for review and approval at the Board of Directors meetings to provide a system of checks and balances.
  • Approval of annual budget by the Finance Committee and Board of Directors.
  • A Finance Committee with expertise in the areas of policy, investment, budget, and information systems.
  • Internal controls with separation of duties and use of third-party CPA to protect against fraud.
  • Distinctly separate fund accounts governed by policies for daily operations, operational reserve, investments, capital projects and endowments.